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How SPI Energy Works for You:

SPI Energy finds its customers through a mix of referrals, networking opportunities, inbound web inquiries, and direct targeted outreach. There is no obligation or cost to the customer when SPI Energy bids customer accounts with suppliers.

When your business contacts SPI Energy there is a typical process SPI Energy follows to assist you with your energy purchasing.

  1. We consult with you regarding your general energy consumption patterns and trends and discuss your risk tolerance and sensitivity to market changes in energy pricing, the portion of expense that energy represents in your business operations, your operating schedule and profile, and your expectation for energy consumption growth or changes over the near and long term.
  2. We obtain your permission to acquire and review your historical billed usage and energy consumption patterns from your utilities provider.
  3. We analyze your historical usage and consumption patterns to determine where you’ll fit best in the pricing and product spectrum of offerings available from the suppliers in your market.
  4. We bid your account with our suppliers and identify any special pricing or product offerings that are available to you. If you have complex requirements we will negotiate with suppliers regarding the terms and pricing offer and work to create solutions tailored to your needs. In some markets certain suppliers will request to perform a credit review of your account or your business depending on the market or product you are considering. This is only done with your approval.
  5. We present to you the various offerings that meet your stated objectives for your review and answer your questions or concerns.
  6. You choose the offering that you’re most comfortable with and we help you enroll your energy accounts with the preferred supplier.
  7. We maintain a relationship with you beyond your initial transaction with us to keep you informed about market conditions and ensure that when you are ready to look at new products and services we are there to help you. We can also provide you with energy consumption advice and strategies and renegotiate your agreements with suppliers on your behalf to help you take advantage of changes in your consumption patterns, new product availability, or major changes in market conditions.
  8. Should you decide to take advantage of an offer from one of our suppliers, the fee for our service is included in the cost of your monthly energy services and is paid to us by the supplier you choose, so you have no commitments or obligations to SPI Energy once you are working with a supplier.