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SPI Energy Consulting is an energy brokerage and consulting firm. SPI Energy will help you find the best possible energy products and rates for your business just like a Real Estate or Insurance broker helps you to find a property or policy that matches your needs and pricing requirements. We monitor energy market trends and product offerings from a variety of major competitive energy suppliers to help match you with the best product at the best price.

SPI Energy Consulting helps small business and larger commercial and industrial customers to find competitive energy rates and product options for customers in competitive energy supply markets in the Northeastern United States. We help customers in most states where competitive energy options are available to locate suppliers, negotiate and bid for pricing, and execute agreements that take advantage of competitive energy pricing and product offerings. We can work with residential accounts in some areas and will often offer referral programs to our commercial or institutional customers to help employees or membership base take advantage of promotional offers and discounts for their residential energy accounts.

SPI Energy’s goal is to assist firms of all sizes to manage and in many cases reduce their electricity and natural gas expenses. Our team of energy consultants have the experience and know-how to analyze and negotiate your energy package and have helped businesses and institutions of all sizes from small local firms to large enterprises with many operations and facilities.